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Counselling is a safe way of working through feelings and experiences that may be causing you distress or concern or holding you back in life.

Welcome. vickymould

Anyone can benefit from talking to a counsellor, and I am a registered counsellor in Hampshire

Welcome to Azalea Counselling, I’m Vicky Mould, and I offer person-centred counselling to help you bring about change in your life, relieve stress or gain a sense of inner peace.

I am a specialist bereavement counsellor in Eastleigh, Hampshire and I can also help if you're struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, parenthood or relationship issues.

My practice is easily accessible from Winchester and Southampton, and I also work online through Skype.

If you come for counselling with me, I will work to ensure I'm someone you feel safe with and can wholeheartedly trust. I will not judge you, nor define you by any diagnosis you may have.

I will listen attentively and compassionately to your experiences and feelings, rather than come up with solutions or make decisions for you. We are all different, and I trust that you know what's best for you.

Sometimes, it's difficult to put feelings into words, and if this is something you may struggle with, we can work creatively together using art. You may prefer to express yourself through art, which is fine too.

My role is to help you make sense of your difficulties, find a way through them, and continue to be the best you can be.

Welcome. Bereavement counselling

I am a bereavement counsellor for adults of all ages, including couples and families

I am a bereavement counsellor near Winchester, and I am someone you can turn to if you're affected by bereavement or serious illness - including cancer and dementia.

I have received specialist training in miscarriage and baby loss - stillbirth, neonatal death, sudden infant death, yet I can help if you've suffered the loss of a child or grandchild of any age.

What I can offer you
I can offer genuine compassion, understanding and acceptance, and work alongside you for as long as you need. Sometimes, education around grief is helpful, and I can offer this too.

Working together, you can find new meaning in your life and move forward with a sense of confidence and inner peace.

I can help you improve your confidence, self-esteem, relationships and overall sense of wellbeing

Life can impact us in different ways - sometimes resulting in low self-esteem, stress, relationship issues or parenting issues, and I can provide counselling in any of these areas.

I have received professional training in autism, yet also have personal insight into the condition.

Mental and emotional wellbeing
Counselling can help you restore balance in your life and improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

I am here for you if you're a family, couple or individual affected by mental health issues, including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • post-natal depression (following the death or birth of a baby)
  • bipolar disorder
  • schizophrenia
  • borderline personality disorder.

    As an Accredited Professional Registrant of the National Counselling Society, I work within their Code of Ethical Practice and regularly consult with a counselling supervisor.

    Accredited Voluntary Register

  • Contact me for further information or to book an introductory appointment

    The first appointment provides an opportunity for us to explore counselling, ask questions and establish if we could work well together.

    I can see you at the Wells Place Centre in Eastleigh in Hampshire, which provides good transport links from Winchester and Southampton, or we can connect online through Skype.

    If you would like to arrange an introductory appointment or ask questions before taking that step, please call 07729 193629 or email me through this website.

    Welcome. Wells Place Centre

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