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"When someone really hears you without passing judgement on you, without trying to take responsibility for you, without trying to mould you, it feels damn good". - Carl Rogers


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It may be helpful to know how other people have experienced counselling with me. With their permission, I've included some testimonials here.

Guy “Vicky helped me through a very challenging period of depression and work related burnout. She really took the time to understand my personal situation, history and challenges. Her skill and ability to sensitively listen and work with me through this time was instrumental in my recovery. I will be forever thankful and would highly recommend her to anyone going through a difficult time in their life.”

Mike "Vicky was there for me after I tried to take my life. Over the course of several months, she guided and supported me. Vicky helped me build up skills to cope with what seemed like an impossible situation. I thought that I would never be myself again. Vicky helped me get my confidence back, and listened when I needed it most. Now that dark time in my life seems like a distant memory. I am excited for what the future holds, and I owe more than this short paragraph could describe to Vicky. Thank you for being there".

Sophie "Vicky came highly recommended, and she helped me so much after my dad died. I felt comfortable with Vicky, so I didn't have to keep my feelings in - releasing them was just what I needed! She listened, was kind and caring, and I never felt judged. She got my pain, and somehow, I felt 'normal'. Our counselling was invaluable, and I feel much stronger in myself and also hopeful about the future".

Samantha "Vicky is very good at taking things at my pace. Sometimes just offloading is what I need, sometimes she will prompt me to think about things differently and challenge me to think about my wellbeing. I look forward to my sessions as I know I will feel more positive and brighter afterwards. She has helped me over the past few months cope with my anxiety and understand the causes and triggers".

DP "I knew at our first session that Vicky was the counsellor for me - we connected instantly. Vicky helped me with my confidence around other people, feeling less anxious and stressed. I was surprised how quickly things turned around for me. I would never have considered counselling before, but I'm glad I did. I wouldn't hesitate to see Vicky again if I needed to".

Alan "I went to Vicky for about 2 years, and she helped me work through a difficult childhood and depression. Vicky has had a massive influence on my life, and I feel I now know who I am and what matters to me. Seeing Vicky for counselling is one of the best things I've done".

Claire and Toby "My husband and I arrived for counselling with Vicky after the stillbirth of our daughter. We were unsure what might happen, if it would work and if it would be right for us. Vicky put us at ease straight away; she was easy to talk to, asked questions that helped us process our grief, and was so gentle. Vicky was the key which unlocked unspoken trauma we were harbouring. She helped me and my husband communicate better, which made us a better-equipped team to hold each other up. She also saw us through our second pregnancy, which was very difficult. I am beyond sad that this happened to us, but so grateful for the help and support that Vicky was able to give to us at the worst time in our lives".

Rebecca "Vicky made me feel relaxed and comfortable opening up. She helped me work through the terrible pain I was feeling as a result of domestic violence. Her heartfelt, understanding and non-judgemental approach was remarkable, and I emerged from our counselling with a sense of self-worth, peace, freedom and hope for the future. I cannot recommend her highly enough".

Laura "I was hugely anxious about seeing a therapist for the first time, but I’m glad I chose Vicky. I had a great experience: she was kind, non-judgmental and empathetic, which made me feel very comfortable with opening up. I highly recommend Vicky to anyone looking to change their life and find their peace of mind".

Stuart "I found Vicky on the Welldoing Directory, and I'm so glad I did. She can instantly put you at ease and is easy to talk to. Without Vicky, I wouldn't be where I am in my life today. She helped me heal some old wounds, have confidence and self-belief (again), make important decisions about my life, and communicate better. What I've learned has stayed with me, so I'm continuing on the path that I want to. I'm truly grateful for the work we did together and what I have been able to achieve".

Julie "I have just finished a course of counselling with Vicky. I found her down to earth and easy to talk to. She has helped me move forward with a situation I found myself in. If faced in the future with a problem that felt overwhelming then I would approach her again. Thank you so much".

Elizabeth "I worked with Vicky for most of 2019, and cannot recommend her highly enough. I sought her help to address anxieties from a variety of sources (spouse's depression, trauma from a natural disaster, challenges with parents/in-laws). Vicky has a deftness to her approach that is as close to magic as you can get - I would be talking and sharing, unloading my stresses, and then come up for air thinking, 'that was a stream of consciousness, unrelated to the issues I want to address today.' Vicky would then connect everything with unerring, sensitive-yet-direct accuracy, getting straight to the core of the issue. Epiphany! It's a rare skill to be able to hear the thread of connection and truth running through someone's desultory monologue; Vicky has that. I now see my anxiety triggers in a new light, have tools that I can use when needed, and am feeling happy, relaxed and joyful, even while circumstances remain the same (+ I can see my better mental health has rubbed off on my loved ones!)".

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If you would like to arrange a consultation or ask questions about counselling, please call or text 07729 193629 or use my contact form.

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