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My approach to counselling

I have felt a deep connection to the person-centred approach for many years (as developed by the Psychologist Carl Rogers) and this approach can be described as a deeply respectful and empowering way of relating to others.

As a person-centred counsellor, I believe that you have the potential within you to heal past or present hurts and be or become the person you really are, and I aim to nurture that potential through the counselling relationship.

I bring my warmth and genuineness to my counselling work and I am committed to being a person you can trust and be yourself with.

I am interested in getting to know you - 'issues' or 'problems' don't represent who you are and it's important to me that I see you as a whole person.

I aim to really hear and understand how things are for you. Being listened to in this way can have a profound effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing and develop your ability to listen to yourself.

I can offer a creative approach using art and this can be very helpful if you find it difficult to put your feelings into words, feel distanced from your feelings, or prefer to express yourself in a different way.

Being valued and accepted just as you are is a unique experience, and I will not judge or criticise you, nor define you by any diagnosis that you may have. Receiving this kind of acceptance can nurture your confidence and self-esteem.

Whilst I am a counsellor, I do not see myself as the 'expert' or 'authority' of your life. I believe that we are all different and I trust that you know what is best for you.

Working together, my aim is to enable you to make choices and changes that you want to make and continue to strive towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Using art alongside talking therapy

I offer the option of using art alongside talking therapy, including making visual images through:

  • collage (cutting and pasting)
  • drawing
  • colour (crayons, oil pastels, felt-tip pens, paint sticks, coloured pencils) or
  • clay.

    I will ask if you want to try art - when a creative approach might be helpful, yet it’s your choice as to whether you engage in the process.

    If you would prefer to express yourself through art, or feel curious about this way of working, please let me know.

    The benefits of using art
    I believe that we are naturally creative and have a need to express our creative abilities. Art mediums provide an outlet and the freedom to be playful and creative.

    Anyone can express themselves through art and art mediums can access feelings very directly without words getting in the way.

    It is not an art lesson, and you do not need any artistic skills to really benefit from the experience. It's more about an interest in trying it out without worrying too much about what you come up with.

    Using art alongside talking therapy can be an effective way of enabling you to:

  • release energy
  • reduce stress
  • communicate difficult life experiences
  • get in touch with and express feelings
  • gain new insights and perspectives.

    As a person-centred counsellor, I do not use art to analyse you - I am interested in the healing potential of art, and I will not judge anything you make or say.

    We can explore something of your choosing, or simply experiment with the art mediums. I can suggest activities if you're unsure where to start or might benefit from a specific activity. We will reflect on the image that emerges.

    Individual sessions are usually an hour, although some people prefer longer when they are using art (this is something we can discuss). You are very welcome to make art images at home and bring them to sessions to look at.

    Using therapy cards
    I also have available emotion cards and relationship cards (each one contains a visual image and caption) and these provide an engaging and effective way of reflecting on your life, including significant people, experiences and memories.

  • Contact me to explore the possibility of working together

    I work from private and comfortable rooms at the Wells Place Centre, Wells Place, Eastleigh, SO50 5LJ. I also provide individual counselling through Skype (webcam/video or instant messenger).

    If you would like to enquire how counselling may help you, or arrange an initial appointment, please call 07729 193629 or email me through this website.

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