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Bereavement counselling for loss and grief

Loss comes in many forms, and you can go through an intense period of grieving following bereavement or the loss of something that's important to you - good health, self-image, identity, relationships, self-esteem, a sense of safety, security, trust, hope.

Grief can affect your whole being - what you think, how you feel and behave, yet it's an entirely personal experience. There’s no such thing as the 'right' way to grieve, or something you should or shouldn’t be feeling.

Loss and grief can be difficult to work through on your own. Support from others is one of the most helpful things I know (alongside self-compassion and self-care), and it's not a 'weakness' or 'failure' to get support when you need it.

I am professionally trained in grief and bereavement counselling, and these are just some of the experiences I can support you with:

  • A recent diagnosis of cancer in the family
  • A loved one's diagnosis of an incurable illness
  • Miscarriage, baby loss, the death of a parent, partner, child, relative or friend
  • Helping a child or young person through bereavement
  • The effects of trauma and loss in childhood
  • Life changes such as ill-health, being or becoming disabled, separation, divorce, family estrangement or relationship breakup.

    I've experienced the pain of loss and grief

    I can enable you to feel supported at a particularly difficult time in your life (or perhaps during the worst time of your life), and I am committed to being alongside you in a compassionate, deeply understanding and non-judgemental way.

    Why do people come for bereavement counselling?
    People often come for bereavement counselling when they’re feeling a sense of devastation and overwhelmed with grief, yet it’s equally beneficial if you’re experiencing conflicting feelings, an ongoing sense of emptiness, or nothing at all.

    A lot of people find it easier to talk to a bereavement counsellor - there will be people who feel unable to cope with your grief, don't know what to say to you, or know how to acknowledge what you're going through, and this can feel deeply upsetting.

    I can see you on an individual basis, as a couple, or family, and for long-term or short-term bereavement counselling. I can offer the following:

  • A safe place to talk freely, away from any outside pressures or expectations
  • A safe place to express your feelings and emotions (through talking
  • A place to share memories or make memories
  • Support in adjusting to the changes in your life
  • Support in working through increasing anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (loss and grief can trigger these)
  • A sense of hope for the future - that things can look and feel different.

    As a private bereavement counsellor, I can see you fairly quickly for a first appointment - usually within a week of you making contact with me.

  • A little bit of information about me

    I have over a decade of experience supporting adults through bereavement and loss, alongside advanced training in grief and bereavement counselling and specialist training in miscarriage (pregnancy loss) and baby loss.

    I am a former volunteer for the charity Cruse Bereavement Care, and having worked in bereavement services (Local Authority), I am familiar with the administrative and legal procedures around bereavement. I am experienced in facilitating bereavement support groups – both independently and on behalf of organisations.

    I have completed

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