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Pregnancy & Parenting. Parenting Counselling

Counselling can help you deal with stress and challenges in pregnancy

Having a baby is a significant life change, and stress, emotional distress and mental health issues can occur during pregnancy, despite any positive feelings about becoming a parent again or for the first time.

My pregnancy counselling service is for couples and individuals, and I am here to support you as best I can. Perhaps you could benefit from a non-judgemental, respectful and understanding environment where you can connect with your coping abilities or make choices and changes that feel right for you.

Pregnancy involves physical, hormonal and lifestyle changes - which can be challenging, yet there are other challenges too, and I can support you with any of the following:

  • Loss through bereavement
  • Pregnancy following miscarriage or stillbirth - perhaps you're experiencing fear or anxiety about losing your baby
  • Past traumas that have resurfaced during pregnancy, such as the experience of sexual abuse
  • Concerns about or the effects of perinatal depression or anxiety
  • Body image, money worries, family or relationship issues
  • Unplanned pregnancy.

  • Counselling can help you cope with parenthood

    Being a parent can bring a real sense of purpose to your life, feel amazing and fun, yet it can be challenging for both parents and as a single parent.

    You may be considering parenting counselling because you feel an ongoing sense of stress, unable to cope with family life or lack confidence in your parenting abilities. I can support you with this, and if you're struggling with any of the following:

  • Caring for a baby or child with a life-limiting or terminal illness
  • Attending to the relationship with your partner
  • Parenting together - perhaps you're struggling to be on the 'same page' when it comes to raising your child
  • Separation, divorce or relationship breakup
  • The effects of postnatal depression or anxiety or other mental health issues
  • Loss through bereavement
  • Being or becoming a disabled parent
  • Parenting a child suspected of or recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Re-establishing family life after domestic abuse
  • Teen dating abuse - perhaps you suspect or know that your teen is in an abusive relationship and would like support with this.

    I trust that you can move forward in the way that you want to when you're provided with the support and freedom to do so.

    I will provide you with a safe and welcoming space where you can acknowledge and express your thoughts and feelings, and develop awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

    Understanding your approach to parenting
    While your own childhood experiences can guide you as a parent, these experiences may be distressing for you or prevent you from being the parent you want to be. You may find yourself acting in ways you don't like - despite your efforts, or find it difficult to nurture your child's development and self-esteem.

    My role is to help you be the best parent that you can be, which I trust will also benefit your child or children. To support this process, I offer a safe space where you can:

  • Work through childhood experiences of bullying, neglect, sexual, physical and or emotional abuse
  • Explore and make sense of your parenting style and strategies
  • Develop the helpful strategies you already have and let go of the ones that do not work for your family
  • Build confidence in coping with family life and any future life difficulties.

    We can work together at a pace that feels comfortable for you and for as long as you need.

    "With dedication and commitment to being the best parent you can be, you can maintain a positive relationship with your child while still establishing your authority in a healthy manner" - Amy Morin.

  • Contact me to book an introductory session or to ask any questions you may have

    If you feel that counselling with me might benefit you, please get in touch to arrange an introductory session. I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call 07729 193629 or submit the contact form on this website.

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