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Why do people come for counselling?

People come for counselling for all kinds of reasons, including when they feel out of sorts, stuck, confused, stressed, distressed, anxious, or depressed, yet ultimately out of a desire to lead a more pleasing and comfortable life.

Many people value the experience of talking to someone in confidence, and who isn't directly involved in their situation - such as family or friends, as well as receiving acceptance rather than judgement, and being heard and understood.

Do I need counselling?

This is something only you can decide - even if counselling has been suggested to you. The decision to see a counsellor is always a matter of personal choice, rather than something you must do.

Counselling can be beneficial for a wide range of life areas, including 'just not feeling yourself', and perhaps the question to ask yourself is, could I benefit from it, rather than do I need it.

A consultation, or assessment session provides an opportunity to explore counselling, and here you can make an informed decision as to whether counselling may benefit you at this point in time.

Is counselling confidential?

Ordinarily, counselling is strictly confidential, and this is all-important in establishing and maintaining trust. However, there are exceptions, such as if I have significant concerns about your safety and wellbeing, or the safety and wellbeing of others, including a child or young person. This is explained at the consultation, and covered in the counselling contract.

Supervision is a requirement for all practicing counsellors, and it enables me to provide you with the best possible service when I see you. I explore all my counselling work in supervision, however, your identity will never be revealed to my supervisor.

How do I know if you are a fully qualified counsellor?

A fully qualified counsellor is registered/accredited with a professional body, such as the National Counselling Society, or British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and can only be registered/accredited if they have met the training standards for qualification.

I am an accredited professional registrant of the National Counselling Society, and I work to their Code of Ethical Practice. I am also subject to their complaints procedure currently in force. You can view my details on the National Counselling Society's website.

What is the difference between individual counselling and couples counselling?

Couples counselling is a talking therapy for two people in a relationship, and couples often attend sessions together.

Couples counselling focuses on the relationship between you, rather than individual personal issues, and it can enable you to improve the way you are together and how you communicate with each other.

What is family counselling?

Family counselling can help you resolve difficulties that are affecting the whole family, by enabling you to increase your understanding of one another, and your support for each other.

Family counselling usually consists of 3 or 4 people in close relationships, yet the therapy can include a mix of individual, couples and family sessions. It can benefit all ages, and a wide range of circumstances.

When could I see you for an appointment?

I work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and you can contact me to see what times I have available. I can usually see you within 1-3 weeks for a consultation.

What happens at the first appointment?

The first appointment is a consultation, and I will do my utmost to put you at ease. Here we will explore counselling, including how I work, what has led you to seek counselling, and what you hope to achieve, and we will aim to establish if we could work well together.

How many counselling sessions do you offer?

The number of sessions often depends on your needs, however, we will start with 6 sessions, and then review the work thereafter. I provide long-term and short-term counselling, and short-term counselling is between 6 and 10 sessions.

How much will it cost?

Individual appointments cost £42.50 for 1 hour. Couples appointments cost £60 for an hour and a half. Family appointments cost £68 for an hour and a half and may include 3 or 4 people in close relationships.

Do you offer reduced fees?

Yes, and I usually have 1 or 2 spaces for reduced fees. If finances are a concern for you, please speak to me about this.

How do I arrange a consultation?

You can call 07729 193629, and if I am not available immediately, please leave a voicemail or send a text. Alternatively, you can send an email via this website.

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